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TORUS PET™ Electrolytes - To Revive!

$34.95 USD
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TORUS PET™ Electrolytes - To Revive!

$34.95 USD
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TORUS PET™ water soluble Electrolytes have been developed for dogs and cats to support their hydration and recovery after exercise.  


TORUS PET™ Electrolytes is used only with the TORUS PET™ water bowls to help your pet revive by supporting electrolyte balance for normal blood volume, helping replace fluid lost through exercise or after a lack of water intake, assisting in maintaining normal body fluid levels and mineral concentration, helping balance normal fluid balance in the blood and tissue, and supporting normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological function


    1. Each box contains two TORUS PET™ cartridges and 30 water soluble tablets
    2. Simply add a TORUS PET™ Electrolyte tablet to the basket and place in the filter compartment of your TORUS PET™ water bowl.
    3. Turn your TORUS PET™ water bowl to the "flow" setting and let your pet drink.

    To dose again, simply rinse out the basket, place another supplement in it and return it to the water bowl.

    No odour and easy to clean by following the TORUS PET™ recommended cleaning instructions.


    For a full description of Ingredients, please view our Supplements section under The Science


    This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental care to that recommended by your vet.