TORUS™ - the ultimate travel water bowl

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TORUS™ - stores water inside its walls that flows when your pet drinks

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TORUS™ - the cordless portable water reservoir

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TORUS™ - no spills, no tipping, less mess

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TORUS™ - antimicrobial and UV protection for the outdoors

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TORUS™ - peace-of-mind that your pet always has filtered water

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TORUS™ is a portable, no spill, no tip, pet filtered water bowl for home and travel

TORUS™ store water in their walls before self-filling through a unique filter system whenever your pet wishes to drink.

TORUS™ bowls have lock, fill and drink functions making them ideal to use in the car and take traveling.

TORUS™ bowls are available in a MINI 1-Liter for cats and small dogs, and MAXI 2-Liter model for dogs and multi-pet homes, do not require batteries and are backed-up by a 12-month warranty.

  • TORUS™ MAXI 2-Liter (1/2 Gallon) Water Bowl for Dogs, multi-pet homes and travel

    Stores 2-Liters (approx. 8 metric cups, 2 Quarts or 1/2 Gallon) of water inside its reservoir walls

    Ideal for larger pets, multi-pet home. Use the "LOCK" function to move with water inside for use in the car or on holiday.

    The TORUS™ MAXI is no-spill, non-tip, less splash and reduces gulping.

    Includes anti-microbial and UV protection and made from BPA-Free human grade materials.

    Available in three colors – charcoal, red and blue.

  • TORUS™ MINI 1-Liter (1/4 Gallon) Water Bowl for cats and small dogs.......and fits in your bag when heading out

    Stores 1-Liter (approx. 4 metric cups, 1 Quart or 1/4 Gallon) of water inside its reservoir walls.

    Ideal for cats, puppies and small dogs. Use the "LOCK" function to move with the water inside and even pop it into your bag!

    The TORUS™ MINI is no-spill, non-tip, less splashing and reduces gulping.

    Designed with extra space for cat whiskers to reduce disturbance when drinking

    Includes anti-microbial and UV protection and made from BPA-free human grade materials.

    Available in three colors – charcoal, red and blue.

Why use TORUS™?

Pets need 1oz of water for every pound of their weight. TORUS™ stores water inside it's reservoir walls giving peace-of-mind that your pet has fresh, filtered water all day.
Auto-fills when drinking

TORUS™ store water inside their reservoir walls ensuring a long-lasting supply of clean, filtered water that flows when your pet drinks.

Anti-microbacterial technology

TORUS™ contains anti-microbacterial protection technology in all of its bowls. Every bowl is made of BPA-free food grade materials with extra UV protection.

Advanced Filters

TORUS™ replaceable active carbon filters come in Standard and Advanced anti-microbacterial options. Filters last for 30-days and come in convenient refill packs.

Drinking on the go

TORUS™ can be locked and transported with water stored within its walls, for drinking in the car without spills, on a walk or while camping. Great for service dogs!

Less Mess and Easy to Clean

TORUS™ low water level and strong-grip feet allow for easy non-spill drinking and are great for slobbery dogs. Easy to clean using soap, sterilizers or dishwasher.

No power. No batteries. Recycle!

TORUS™ is a go-anywhere watering solution that doesn't require batteries or a power supply. Plus every TORUS™ product is made with recyclable materials.

How does TORUS™ work?

Our Awards

Don't just take our word for it...

"We have three dogs and with regular water bowls they spill everywhere and we were constantly having to wipe-up water and constantly refilling the water bowls. It works great! We can get through an entire bowl each day and there is little to no mess."

"This is not your average water bowl! The walls hold 2-litres of water inside every time I take a sip, more water fills the bowl like magic"

"Worth every penny. It actually works! My cat will knock over our water dish every day. He has not been able to do this with Torus. No more walking through a surprise puddle in nice dry socks."

"Originally I got this bowl as a gift to use since I travel a lot. My dog loves it. I purchased a second one just to put in our camping things as well as a cat-sized one for my cats."

"This Torus pet water bowl is my only water bowl. I take it everywhere - it has been to Australia and back to New Zealand with me twice! Mum loves that it has a carbon filter so I have filtered water all the time. It's even lockable, so perfect in our motor home or to take in the car on outings."

"A water bowl that stores fresh water, ready for use - great for travelling with our dog."

Why do I need TORUS™ Filters?

Our unique TORUS™ Filters come in Standard and Advanced versions. Each use special ingredients to remove impurities to ensure your pet has access to clean, fresh water every time they drink.

Our new TORUS™ Advanced Filters take filtration to another level!

Ingredients approved for use as an antimicrobial active ingredient under NSF and FDA Regulations.

Effectively remove chlorine, chloramines, lead, TCE, PCE, THMs 1,2,3-Trichloropropane, phenols, pesticides, detergents, taste and odour, and more.

Last for approximately a month. That's 6-months of fresh, clean water from each pack.

Ingredients sourced from the USA

Every TORUS™ bowl comes with one filter to get you started.

Learn more about our ADVANCED Filters under "The Science".

Would you like to subscribe for a regular delivery of your replacement filter packs?

Torus Best Friends Club

Join our exclusive TORUS™ Friends ’n Family Club to be eligible for new product releases and early-bird special Torus offers that are not available elsewhere.

Warranty Activation

To validate your Torus bowl warranty and receive warranty protection, you must complete the Warranty Form within 4-weeks of date of purchase.

How to Video's

View our handy 'how to' video's that demonstrate how easy it is to refill your TORUS™ bowl, change the filter, clean your TORUS™ bowl and many more.