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Purchase Only From Authorized TORUS PET Distributors and Online Resellers. These resellers have entered in to formal agreements with Torus Pet and in doing so have attained the product knowledge and integrity required by Torus Pet to credibly represent our products.

Unauthorized Reseller Warranty Claim Warning

Unauthorized resellers often knowingly deceive the consumer by telling them that the product is covered under warranty, and that the specific company will continue to support the original purchaser. Please be advised, TORUS PET is NOT obligated to honor warranty claims or support any products, even if they are "new", when purchased from an unauthorized distributor, unauthorized online reseller, unauthorized individual, or unauthorized website seller via the Internet.

Purchases made by an unauthorized party through online portals, auction sales, or other similar channels will not be eligible for warranty. 

When purchasing Torus products online such as at Amazon.com, it is important to note who the product is being, “shipped and sold by” which is usually stated in the header for the product.

Thank you for supporting Torus Pet and it's market partners so we can support the products that we sell to you.