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Your TORUS™ bowl is robust and should last you a long time. 

Every Torus Bowl comes with antimicrobial technology for extra peace-of-mind. But remember that your pet has bacteria in their mouths along with microscopic pieces of food that can enter any water bowl. So, as for any drinking utensil, your Torus should be cleaned regularly to maintain its presentation and hygiene and ideally shouldn't be left in the sun.

You should wash out your new TORUS™ bowl before its first using the warm soapy water. Fill the bowl, add the soap, put the cap on and give it a good shake. Then rinse out.

How should I clean my TORUS™ bowl?

  • warm soapy water or vinegar and then thoroughly rinsed regularly,
  • sterilizing tablets which are readily available from your supermarket, such as those used for baby bottles every few months, or
  • the dishwasher (top rack) once every few weeks.

Sometimes dirt and other particles can get stuck in the entrance to the water well. We recommend using a dish-brush regularly to remove any build up.

You can read more about TORUS™ Antimicrobials here.

What may cause white ‘tidal marks’ in your TORUS™ bowl?

Tap water can come from different sources in different countries and contain different chemicals and elements. For example, in many countries the water is from subterranean aquifers or even from desalination plants, whereas in other countries, drinking water is drawn directly from lakes and rivers. Different water sources and chemicals in the water can leave marks on water bowls.

What materials do we use?

The materials that we use to make TORUS™ are quality food grade materials and should not discolor. It would be very unusual for plastic (Polyproplene - EP332K) to react with water. Moplen EP332K resin meets the FDA requirements in the Code of Federal Regulations in 21 CFR 177.1520 for food contact and is recyclable.

Note: An odor may be present or small fragments of carbon may be visible when you first use your TORUS™ bowl. This will subside. It is harmless and safe for pet consumption.