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Antimicrobial protection enables products that we use to resist the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mold and mildew. 

In this age of growing concerns around bacteria and microbes that can impact on our wellness, TORUS™ built-in active ingredient protection helps products stay cleaner, fresher, and last longer than products with untreated surfaces. 

Antimicrobial in TORUS™ Water Bowls

All Torus bowls are now manufactured with IONPURE antimicrobial technology sourced from certified producers in Japan. Japan is of course respected as a leader in wellness and our supply partner is a respected global supplier.

The Science Behind Ionpure Ingredients

With the presence of moisture, IONPURE releases a few Ag ions gradually. The Ag ion’s have an ability to strongly bind to cellular enzymes of microbes and inhibit enzyme activity of cell wall, membrane, and nucleic acids. As microbes charged with minus on their surface, Ag ions that have plus are drawn toward microbes, and disturb their electric balance. so that microbes burst their cell walls and are extinguished.

As Ag ions are taken into microbes, they react and bond to the cellular enzyme microbes. This inhibits enzyme activity and multiplication of microbes, thus extinguishing the microbes.