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May 2020, Bailey, via Chewy.com, USA

Solved our issue. We have three dogs and with regular water bowls they spill everywhere and we were constantly having to wipe-up water and constantly refilling the water bowls. I saw this on the website while browsing for something else and thought we would give it a try. It works great! We can get through an entire bowl each day and there is little to no mess.


May 2020, Lauren, Chewy.com, USA

Worth every penny. It actually works! My cat will knock over our water dish every day. He has not been able to do this with Torus. No more walking through a surprise puddle in nice dry socks.


April 2020, Kitsu, Chewy.com, USA

Originally I got this bowl as a gift to use since I travel a lot. My dog loves it.

I purchased a second one just to put in our camping things as well as a cat-sized one for my cats.


April 2020, by Beas, USA

Perfection! This water bowl is the most amazing water bowl ever!! I love it so much that I bought three of them!!


March, 2020 by Tammy M, Hawaii, USA

"The best thing since sliced bread! .....It made our adventures so much easier."



February, 2020 by Linda S, Orlando, FL, USA

"I have a 2-Liter bowl and I usually have to fill it just once per day. When Sunny was little the water would last 2-3 days before I would have to fill it again."



January, 2020 by Nadira the Kiwi Collie, Auckland, New Zealand

"The Torus pet water bowl is just fantastical! We left the bowl in the car on a hot summery beach day. An hour later the hoomans decided to bring out the nifty water bowl so I could enjoy some refreshing water, and wowee frens! The water was still cool. This water bowl is great!



January, 2020 by Koda the Sheepadoodle, Lambertville, MI, USA

"Loving my new Torus bowl which dispenses itself and holds 1/2 a gallon!"



January, 2020 by Nash the Golden Retriever, Delaware, USA

"Waking up New Years Day feeling like Sponge Bob, running to your filtered water bowl thanks to Torus Pet."



Dec 2019 by Brie, Charlie and Harbor, SC, USA

"This is not your average water bowl! The walls hold 2-Liters of water inside them. The bowl always keeps a consistent level of water available for me so every time I take a sip, more water fills the bowl like magic.



Sept 2019 by Jazz the Cavoodle, New Zealand

"This Torus pet water bowl is my only water bowl. I take it everywhere - it has been to Australia and back to New Zealand with me twice! Mum loves that it has a carbon filter so I have filtered water all the time. It's even lockable, so perfect in our motor home or to take in the car on outings."



June, 2019 by Avi Shenkin

"Keila our lovely Spoodle LOVES her new Torus Bowl! Such an easy way to give her fresh water anywhere! 🔥❤️🐶"


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June, 2019 by Natalie Robinson

"We have a large bowl for our West Highland terrier and he loves it! I think it’s because the water is cool and stays fresh. We use this as the inside water bowl. Highly recommended."


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May, 2019 by Jocelyn Roxburgh

"A water bowl that stores fresh water, ready for use - great for travelling with our dog."


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March, 2019 by revers3oreo

"Kira is loving her new Torus bowl! It's pink! #ocd #colorcode Actually it's Hooman that loves it more, 1L is so much easier to bring along for short excursions."


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January, 2019 by Tim Simpson

"Great innovative functional dog bowls."


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September, 2018 by thewildcheetos

"After flipping so many water bowls, I’ve finally found the one that I can’t. So I’m hugging this keeper 🥣"


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April, 2018 by hugo_thefakechihuahua

The @heyrex_torus is the best water bowl a pup can have (not exaggerating here). As you can see, I have a very long neck so I’m basically a giraffe with short legs 😂 On the other hand, everyone deserves access to clean and fresh water. How does this water bowl work...


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April, 2018 by ellieskythehusky

#ReviewsByEllie! 📝
Happy #NationalPetDay everypawdy! 🐶 Last month, I received a special package in the mail from @Heyrex_TORUS! Heyrex™ decided to send me two of their TORUS™ watering bowls, one “Charcoal 1-Liter TORUS™ Water Bowl” and one “Blue 2-Liter TORUS™ Water Bowl”, as well as a 5-pack of their Torus Bowl replacement filters! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this product...


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February, 2018 by sapperjeanthepuggle

Thank you so much @heyrex_torus for letting us try out these pawsome bowls! 👅 These #torus bowls are so great, because I drink a lot of water! I love how the bowl refills on its own without batteries!


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February, 2018 by adventuresofbaileynboo

Review time! We received 2 amazing filtered water bowls from @heyrex_torus These hold 1 liter, 2 liters of water! Did I mention it’s FILTERED? My dogs love these and I don’t have to fill up the bowl 20 times it refills its self! Definitely recommend! 



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January, 2018 by cookiemarquez_the_chihuahua
Today we will be reviewing our 2 newest items that we recieved from our furiends @heyrex_torus
What we recieved⬇
-1 large bowl in the color Red -1 small bowl in the color Charcol &
-1 5 pack of replacement filters
We love love love these new bowls😍. The bowls are made from BPA- free, food grade material. The smaller bowl can hold up to 1 liter of water and the larger bowl can hold up to 2 liters of water...


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May, 2017 by chupa.choops

A new week calls for a new review! 😸Mam got a piece of the @heyrex_torus water bowl and I gave it a spin. It is super cool and does NOT require batteries or electricity, making it safe to leave around me without worrying about me nibbling on a wire! 



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