General Instructions for TORUS™ Water Bowls

1. Align the cap arrow with the tap symbol and lift to remove.
2. Hold filter under running water for 10 seconds to remove any possible carbon dust and insert into filter well. Fill with water from a tap, jug or hose. You can leave the filter in the bowl during filing.

3.  Fill your Torus bowl until the filter body is fully covered as per diagram. Note: Water will not flow into the drinking well during filling
4. To put the cap back, align the cap arrow with the lock symbol. Your Torus bowl can now be safely carried to your pet.
5. To release water for drinking, set the Torus bowl down and align the cap arrow with the water symbol. Water will flow into the drinking well until the water outlet slot is covered. As your pet drinks, water in the drinking well will be automatically replenished.

Replacing the filter monthly will ensure water stored in the TORUS™ bowl is kept fresh and clean. Replacement filters can be purchased from your TORUS™ stockist or online at

For more information on how to use your TORUS watering bowl go to: or contact

Note: An odor may be present or small fragments of carbon may be visible when you first use your TORUS™ bowl. This will subside. It is harmless and safe for pet consumption.