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Torus Pet began in a small, quiet corner of the earth where some innovative New Zealander’s came up with a simple solution to pet health challenges associated with hydration.

Since those early days, owners Danit and Nathan have seen Torus become a popular choice in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia. Of course there is always more to do, so we continue to grow and work to introduce new products that will help even more with pet health via hydration.


We’re a family that loves to travel, experience new things, immerse ourselves in different cultures and learn history. We also love to see four-legged creatures in different countries - the polite domesticated pets, the cautious and suspicious street cats, even the desert wolves! Sadly, animals are not treated well everywhere. Their eyes tell different stories.

Our Values - to your pets

It is easy to leave water in a simple bowl, but no guarantee that it will last the day without being tipped over, the floor being soaked in water, or that the water won’t become stale and dirty.

Remember that pets need to drink 1oz of water for every pound of weight each day. Cats are susceptible to kidney problems and pets in general, like humans, need a decent supply of water to retain energy and maintain their coat.

Our Values - to our customers

Our values are based on trying to do things in a human way, from customer support to manufacturing. We do our best to put things right when things don’t go as planned, we research the science behind what we offer (see “The Science” on our website), but also try to keep things simple. That’s why we made our products work without the need for electricity. 

All we want is for our customers to enjoy Torus Pet products, to get real utility and convenience from them, and to help make pets healthier.

We want you to respect our business, be honest with us with feedback and remember, like so many of us, we are a family business that wants your support so we can support you! 

Our Values - Manufacturing

All of our products are designed and manufactured under the management of pet health conscious Kiwi’s. We work hard to live by New Zealand’s reputation of being environmentally conscious, so all hard products are also food grade and BPA-Free, ingredients are certified from reputable sources in the USA and Asia, and of course all is made from recyclable materials.

We ensure that we maintain transparency around manufacturing. Our products are mainly manufactured in China but under the direct management of our New Zealand engineers. They watch over the entire process for us. We also have a agreement in place that ensures that there is fair pay for all workers and no child labor.

Our Values - Pricing

We really try to price our products as competitively as possible. Torus Pet products are quality. They are robust, made of food grade materials and our filters have certified, high quality ingredients. The quality we deliver means we can’t sell at rock bottom prices. However when we achieve a saving in our business, we have dropped prices for customers. That’s how we roll!

We hope Torus Pet helps your pet and gives you peace-of-mind that they have the clean water they need........even when you are away.

The most important part of the team at Torus Pet