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How do activated carbon filters work?

Torus Pet’s activated carbon filters contain small pieces of carbon that are very, very porous. That means that there are millions of tiny holes in each grain. So just a few grams of activated carbon can have the surface area of a sports field! This huge surface area enables active carbon to be very effective in adsorbing contaminants and other substances, and by absorbing them, it means that these contaminants are no longer in the water.

How does the Activated Carbon in our Torus Filters actually work?

When the water flows through either our Standard or Advanced active carbon filters, the chemicals are absorbed by the carbon resulting in purer water flowing in to the pets drinking well. 

The most effective absorption is with a slower water flow with low pressure and cold water. That’s why the Torus bowls pass the water in to the drinking well slowly and in lower volumes – enough for your pet to drink, but not gulp, and to allow the activated carbon to be effective.


What substances does Torus Pet’s active carbon filters remove and reduce?

Activated carbon can be effective in reducing hundreds of substances including contaminants and other chemicals from the tap water. Studies by Environmental Protection Agency in the United States (EPA) and NSF claim effective removal of between 60-80 chemicals and that Activated Carbon is the only filter technology recommended to remove:

  • all 32 identified organic contaminants including THMs (by-products from chlorine). 
  • all 14 listed pesticides (this includes nitrates as well as pesticides such as glyphosate also referred to as roundup)
  • the 12 most common herbicides. 

What our Activated Carbon Filters don’t remove

Despite removing over seventy contaminants from water, there are some things that our Standard Activated Carbon Filters don't remove....and some of those not removed are the ones we want our pets to have! These include;

  • Healthy minerals such magnesium, potassium, sodium and Calcium
  • Dissolved solids including minerals, salts or metals such as iron that are not considered contaminants

Please check our Advanced Antimicrobial Filter option. We do have to be clear that some microbiological contaminants including coliform, viruses and small bacteria are difficult to remove as are inorganic contaminants like arsenic and asbestos which along with Radionuclides, are only partially reduced.

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