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Go shorty, it’s my birthday!

Go shorty, it’s my birthday!

Mom can’t believe I made it this far and had such a quick progression after my second relapse. Never did she thought I’d be standing here today stronger than ever.  

I was showered with gifts and lots of love on my Instagram page! My friends at Torus Pet sent me a new 2 Liter Torus Bowl in pink!! Torus bowl helps me with hydration and I drink fitered water all day. I am so lucky!

It's Doomsday! It's liver surgery time!! Part 2

It's Doomsday! It's liver surgery time!! Part 2

I was lying on my sides the entire day, staring into space. I didn’t have the energy to do anything except to lift my head up for water. That was the only thing I wanted. 

My parents came down without brother Simba, to visit me in the late afternoon. They figured it would be best to keep him at home since I was frail. They attempted to feed me since the Vet Technician had no success. But I didn’t want any of that! I mean Hello! Do you humans know what I just went through? I had a pretty crazy surgery and I have pancreatitis! Do you know what it feels like to have this? It makes you feel super nauseous and want to throw up. The visitation time was short and I was bundled up to stay as warm as possible. They mentioned that Mom and Dad could visit again tomorrow. 

Day 2 is here. I’m still not eating, but my parents came to visit me and brought brother Simba with them! I was happy to see my little brother again! I even gave everyone except Dad some kisses! Haha! Dad didn’t find that amusing like Mom, but he kissed me anyway. Yucks!  I still didn’t want any food or snacks, and Mom was going crazy with my crazy eye boogers and was cleaning my face the entire time she was there. Again, they told Mom that I'd have to stay overnight since my temperature wasn’t going up and because I was only drinking water. 

It’s now day 3! I think I practically own this place. Mom brought my favorite dog treats for me again to see if I’d eat some and I did! They’re my favorite, made with all beef with no preservatives! I gathered all my strength to lift my head up for this yummy treat! I’m feeling a little better and acting a little perkier now, but I still can’t go home yet. They said they want to “observe” me more. I also ate a little tonight after they left! This was the best news and everyone was cheering me on! 

Day 4 has arrived and I'm eating and feeling a little better! I must say that I think I’m their favorite client here! My family came for another visit and I was able to lift myself up again. Little brother Simba was being a pest as usual. He loves me for 10 minutes and then has a hissy-fit in the waiting room. I just want to give my brother the side eye sometimes. Why does he have to steal my “thunder.” I’m the Queen after all! 

Day 5 and I’m still here. My parents noticed my chin was saggy! What could this be? Because of this they wanted to keep me another night to start plasma treatment.  Doctor also noticed that it was weird how my blood glucose was still high. He asked Mom whether she noticed any frequent drinking and peeing and she said yes! It happened this past month! He then advised her that he thinks I’m diabetic, because there’s no way that I can be stressed for 5 days straight with a high blood glucose reading every single day.  Mom didn’t know what that meant and what is in store for her at that time, but was saddened there was another diagnosis for me. 

It’s now Day 6 and I got the OK to go home! My saggy chin isn’t so saggy anymore and Mom could pick me up in the afternoon! I was ecstatic! I’m finally free! I was carried out in my pet carrier. I was excited to see the sunshine on my face and the warm smiles of my family.

Mom even got an extensive medicine schedule full of antibiotics for my infections and a vial of insulin for my diabetes. Because of this we had to go back inside! They had to teach them how to do give me my insulin. I could tell Mom was the most nervous because she hates needles herself. But she was determined to learn how to administer this to me. Mom was thankful it was just once a day (for now anyway).

Once that was done, we went home! Mom got a hefty bill of $4,500 for my 6-day “resort stay”, but she thought it was well worth it. 

I’m happy to be home now and I’m resting. She even made me a Simba proof fort in our room. Wish me luck with my healing, everyone! 


Until next time! 


Nala, XOXO